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   The Ken Smithson collection of nineteen restored International pick-up trucks begins with the 1935 model and continues through to the 1974 model. The manufacturing of half-ton trucks was discontinued by the company in 1974.International did not bring out a new model every year, which explains why the collection of nineteen vehicles, while complete, spans forty years.
   Most of the nineteen are four speed, but a few of the early ones are three speed. All but two are stick shift. It is interesting to note that for the nineteen models of trucks, there are only three models of windshields. All Ken's International trucks are painted in authentic colours with Dupont paint. On the average, it took parts from five different trucks of each model to restore one of them.
   The project began with the restoration of two of Ken's old gravel trucks, both International like the half tons, in 1980. The satisfaction that Ken derived from seeing these two in all their original splendor, led him to purchase a 1951 pick-up which he had owned many years before. He acquired this truck in 1981 and restored it to show-room perfection in 1982. After that he never looked back, except back to the particular year of the vehicle with which he was involved in at any given time.
   In 1990 the Rimbey Historical Society purchased the collection and constructed a building to house the trucks that is now called 'The Smithson International Truck Museum' and is the most complete collection of International 1/2 ton Trucks in the world. Also in the collection is a 1957 Anniversary Edition that the Town of Rimbey purchased, refinished and donated to the Museum in 2002, for the Town's 100th Anniversary.
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        1912 International Auto Wagon                                   1934 International C-1
              1938 International D-2                                         1941 International K-1
              1948 International KB-1                                     1951 International L110
             1955 International R110                                           1956 International S100
        1958 International A100                                          1959 International B100
            1961 International C110                                       1963 International C1100
             1965 International D1100                                    1966 International 1100A
              1967 International 1100B                                     1968 International 1100C 

              1970 International 1100D                                     1971 International 1010


                1972 International 1110                                       1974 International 100

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