PasKaPoo Park Historical Museums




Train Station and Caboose

The charter was obtained by a group of farmers and businessmen in 1909 and construction started in 1913, but was interrupted by the First World War. The railway stretched as far as Bentley in November of 1917, but was not extended to Rimbey until 1921. Some residents of Rimbey traveled all the way to Lacombe to be able to ride into Rimbey on the first train! The rail line, known as the "Peanut Special" or "Toonerville Trolley" was extended to Hoadley, Winfield, and Breton. Rimbey's train station unfortunately no longer exists, so the Historical Society bought this building at an auction in Tees in 1979 and had it moved to the park. 

The Caboose

This caboose was built in 1947 and moved to site 1992. The Canadian Pacific Rail donated the Caboose in co-operation with Gulf Canada in 1992, when cabooses were no longer used on trains. There are very few wooden cabooses still in existence. 


Railroad Museum

Our Park volunteers built this Railroad Museum in 2009. It is home to a Rail Hand Cart, which our park volunteers have restored. The rail workers used the handcart to move along the rail to maintain and fix the line. A baggage scale is mounted on wheels like a cart so that suitcases and trunks can be weighed and transported efficiently. The Canadian Pacific Rail donated this cart. The larger wagon at the back of the museum was used to move trunks and bags form wagons to the train. Notice a long piece of iron similar to a crowbar, was fitted under the wheels and given a push to start a railway car rolling when there was no engine to move it.


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