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Medical Museum

The need for a Medical Museum became relevant when the Rimbey hospital renovations were completed and several more medical Artifacts had been donated to the Museum. With our already congesting exhibit space for these Artifacts at the back room for the Barber Shop, a series of fundraising events were put into action and with the help of many partners in the community and the county of Ponoka, construction of this Medical Museum was completed in 2013.

          Many Volunteer Hours were spent to get this building ready in order that we may proudly present to you the visitor, the history of the medical profession in Rimbey.   

This Museum has an extensive collection of medical equipment. 

        Electrocardiograph or ECG machine, donated by local doctor George Boorman, was used to monitor electrical activity inside the heart.  

       A Pneolator was a mask and pair of tanks used to deliver oxygen to a patient that had stopped breathing.

      The Dentist's Drill was powered by a tiny motor and a complex system of thin belts. The complete set of dental equipment on exhibit was donated by the family of local dentist

                                                        F.J. Leboldus


      The Gulf Ambulance is parked at the south exhibit in this Museum. It is a 1961 Chevrolet Truck, bought from General Supplies (1959) Ltd. for the British American Oil Company Ltd. Dec. 29, 1960. The truck was originally white in color, then painted red and converted to an Ambulance. It was outfitted with safety supplies from Calgary, Alberta and then it was used at the Rimbey Gas Plant until 2001. It was then taken to Action Auto Body to be repainted and donated to the Rimbey Historical Society.



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