PasKaPoo Park Historical Museums






With the growing number of Artifacts this building was completed in 1984 with an official opening attended by the MLA Halvor Johnson and Ivan Patterson from the Alberta Provincial Museum. Many people were involved with the development of the building with Joan Mathes being the main figure in developing the displays with the assistance of Dr. Frank Hedges, Harvey Hillis, Mr. Kenney, Charley Plank, Bill Saunders, students from the school and many others.

WHY "PasKaPoo"?

Around 1754 explorer Anthony Henday guided by a group of Cree Native Americans were camped in the river valley. On a sunny day in late winter, after squinting all day through the glare of sun on fresh snow, Henday was struck with snow blindness. This is a painful but temporary loss of vision. The Cree called the river "PasKaPoo" which translated in English means “Blindman”. The BlindmanRiver runs west and north of Rimbey.


Rose Gardens

Just outside the Historic Museum is a rose garden with identification tags to beautify the park, which the Horticultural Society developed in 1978.  Every year they return to prune and replace, the Society is very thankful to have such dedicated Horticultural members. Mrs. Mary Burrows is one of many who teach the art of pruning and maintained.

Take time to stop and smell the roses.


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