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General Store and Meat Market 1920'S

This store first belonged to George Mowbray, a settler from Durham, England who came to Canada by way of the United States. He moved to the Rimbey area and set up Mowbray's Meat Market, the first butcher shop in the area. George Mowbray bought animals for slaughter from local farms. After his death, the store was sold to Jack Parry, who added a grocery store to the meat market. The store was used by various businesses before being donated by Roy and Lloyd Barberree in 1975 and was refurbished and stocked as a country store.


Some of the items on display are as follows. On the left-hand wall, near the door are some original advertisements. Note some of the prices $0.29 for three tins of salmon or $1.00 for a hardwood straight-back chair! On the left-hand wall there are some skates, well used. Early skates were simply metal blades embedded in a piece of wood that could be strapped onto a regular pair of boots. Also for sale in the old time store, is a stereoscope which had a card with two slightly different pictures on it could be fitted into the wooden viewer to produce a single 3-D image. On the right-hand counter is some equipment for a meat market including; a meat cutter, brown paper dispenser, a scale and a tape roller. 


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