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       Cummings Sawmill

The Cummings Sawmill now located west of the Truck Museum, originally operated at Gull Lake from 1898 to 1990. It was originally built up north by the Puffers - brother in law and sold to George Cummings who moved it to the lake shore point known as “Sucker Creek and Cook’s Point (now known as Birch Bay). Owned and operated by George & his wife and 4 children. In 1915 it was sold to Northcotes. They sold it 1930 to Julius Johnson of Bluffton. In 1932 it was sold to the Lawton Brothers, they rented it out to Bob Black till from 1965 to 1970. Then it was purchased by Henry Makofka of the Bluffton area.  


After numerous owners the Sawmill now has a permanent home, housed under a specially built open faced shed along with a planer. The shed was built by the Society Volunteers in 1992 and the mill had its first sawing day on July long weekend in 1993 In 1990 the Mill was donated to the park. Volunteers restored the mill and had it up and running for the first Farm and Forest days at the Park on May 26, 1992.  Many thanks go to: Ken Smithson, Mike Polushin, Lee Dennis, Ken Riddiough, Stan Jones, Hank Makofka, Charlie Plank, Cliff Vigen, Bill Bush, Clarence Soderberg, Pete Adams, Fred Fawcett, Clarence Elkland, Pete Pedersen, and Dan Dudenhoeffer. 


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