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Wood Carving Art 

Placed outside the Trappers Cabin is ‘The Traveler’. This was local artist Darren Jones first chain saw created statue that took only 3 days to complete. The wood is Western Larch and was 3ft. in diameter when he started and he counted approximately 180 rings from the core. 

For Rimbey’s 100th Anniversary celebration in 2002 Darren and his family donated ‘The Traveler’ to the Park in appreciation of the support from the community when his daughter developed cancer. His work can also be seen at the south side of our playground as well as in front of the Chiropractors office across from GTI on the main street and in the front parking lot of Co-operator’s Insurance building. 

          At the south side of the playground you will see a row of tree carvings. These trees were planted in the mid 60’s. They were starting to rot from the top down and becoming a hazard to the park and its guests. Rather than completely remove them, Wood Carving Artist Darren Jones has very generously donated his time and talent to turn them into the works of art you see today. Each tree has a special connection to the park. Darren began this project in 2009 and each year he freshens up the works of art completed and continues to carve the trees remaining, until completion. 

          At the east end of the row, carved into the first tree are many hearts and hands, a Tribute to the many volunteers hard work of which the park would not be as it is today. There are also seven faces in this tree to signify that seven towns’ people started the Historical Society and therefore the park. (Completed in 2009) 

          The next tree has a Russian Trapper craved at the top holding his skinning knife and musket and the face of another trapper on the other side at the base with a beaver on the opposite side. (Completed in 2009) 

          Beside the Russian Trapper tree are four narrower trees with woodland critters and fun deigns for the children at the playground to enjoy. Several birds of the area are carved into these, all still only using chain saws. (Completed in 2013) 

          One of the tallest trees is a tribute to the Logging Industry. It has two woodsmen, a Swede saw and a double bladed axe. We have the Cummings Sawmill in a pole shed just west of the truck museum. The Sawmill originally sat at the west side of Gull Lake.  (Completed in 2009) 

          Next we have a tree in which you can see Barber Tom Spinks, with the barber pole at the top and a shaving brush with foam at the bottom. Behind Tom you can see a barber’s straight razor and the leather strap for sharpening the razor. The tree-carvings are a work in possess. (Completed in 2010) 

 The next tree is a Tribute to the Legionnaires. The cross at the top with poppies all around gives memory to the fallen. You can see the solder standing at attention. Carved on the west side of the tree is the Rimbey branch emblem, this is the only time Darren used a photo beside him as he was carving. He wanted to ensure he was accurate with the emblem. (Completed in 2010) 

In 2013 Darren completed this next tree with IH for International Truck Museum. The IH symbol at the top is for International Harvester, which was a thriving business in Rimbey many years ago. 

The Kansas Ridge School, Rimbey’s first school, is here at the park. This next tree has many items you would see in the school house. (Completed in 2013) 

This very colourful tree has many things about Alberta. At the base you can see Alberta’s tartan. Around the north side of the tree are stocks of wheat and barley. Several other items in this tree are things we associate with Alberta; oil rigs, cattle wild roses, great horned owl and sheep, and of course the Alberta shield. Darren has really out done himself on this masterpiece which he completed in 2010. 

The final tree in this row of carved artwork is dedicated to the PasKaPoo Park. The Cree Native American at the top in a head dress, and throughout the tree curves a path of the historical buildings in the Park. Darren began carving this tree in 2013 and will continue when his time allows. 

We are very fortunate to have his talents donated to the Park in such a extraordinary and unique way. His artwork is truly amusing and original and will be enjoyed by all who admire it. 


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