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Bluffton Legion Hall

Military Museum

The Bluffton Legion was formed by a group of veterans after the First World War. Veterans who fought in the Second World War became members of this Legion as well. In 1952 they constructed this building, which was often used for community events such as bridal showers, dances, or elections. It was used only in summer, because the building was unheated.   

The Rimbey Historical Society purchased the building and in 1986 had it moved to the park as a war museum. It now holds a collection of uniforms, equipment, firearms, and photographs from the war years. In the larger room is displayed the Army and Navy Uniform collection with information on insignia and rank being displayed in the long display case at the far end.


Please Note: All of the firearms in this building have been altered for safety reasons and will no longer fire. They have no value, except for purposes of display.  

M.J. "Pete" Pederson was a local who was one of the highly skilled pilots flying over the "Hump" during the Second World War to take supplies from India to China. China was being attacked by the Japanese and desperately needed supplies: Allied pilots helped out by flying needed goods over a spur of the Himalayan Mountains, through some of the most difficult weather conditions on earth. 

Mothers Medals In the long display case next to the insignia display is a display of the mother medals issued to women in Nazi Germany during World War Two to encourage large families and increase German population. Bronze Cross gien to women with 5 or 6 children, Silver Cross 7 to 9 children, Gold Cross for 10 or more children.

Displayed in the back room of this building you will find a rock collection which in part was collected over many years by rock hound Joe Donnelly. Joe was a long time legion member. Bluffton Legion Branch Pictures of some of the members are displayed on the wall 


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