PasKaPoo Park Historical Museums




There are many artifacts throughout the Park

From farm machinery to fine linens. Cataloguing and digitally photographing of the artifacts is currently being done with financial assistance from Alberta Museums Association. Here are a couple interesting stories about some of the artifacts housed in the Park.

Mr. Deboer came to Canada from Holland and soon after arriving he attended a local farm auction. His intent was to purchase a cow and his bid went to $2.00. When he went to settle up for his purchase he discovered that instead of being the proud owner of a cow he had purchased an organ. That organ was eventually donated to the museum and is now situated in the Kansas Ridge School House.

‘Do You Remember the Beef Ring?’

In the days before refrigerators and deep freezes the Beef Ring was quite common during the summer months and here is how it worked. A group of farmers would join the ‘Ring’ and in doing so were committed to donate a steer or heifer, usually not more than two years old and weighing a specified amount, once during the Beef Ring season. Each member had to have a large, heavy cotton sack with their names stitched on for the butcher to place their portion of fresh meat. Once a week, usually on a weekend, a designated farmer would bring his animal to a designated location to be butchered. The butcher was to move around a meat chart so that each member would receive an equal amount of each cut throughout the season. By the end of the summer members would have received the equivalent of their donated animal. This was a very cooperative method allowing each family to have access to fresh meat once a week during the warm summer months when it was difficult to keep fresh meat. With advent of deep freezes and refrigerators the Beef Ring became a thing of the past but should not be forgotten.

This willow chair was built in 1897 in California.
It was made by a tinker - a mender of kettles, pots and pans etc., and brought to Canada by boat in 1910.