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Arch Rib Museum


The Historical Society had discussions with regards to a building to house artifacts and in the spring of 1970 the construction of this Arch Rib began. Many members of the community donated supplies and labor for this building. In 2010 renovations were started to refresh displays and make more room for additional artifacts being donated. The building was dedicated to the 7 founding members of the Rimbey Historical Society and is geared toward the small business enterprises of the past. 

Inside the door to the left you will see the first printing press of the Rimbey Record. This was donated to the museum in 1981, complete with numerous drawers of the original type. There is a 90 year history of the newspapers of Rimbey and the Type Writer which was used by reporter Jack Perry. 

        The Washing machine display has several different types of the first washing tools used for the washing of clothes. From wash boards to the more modern engine powered machines.  

       Behind you there are egg incubators along with several other items used in egg production.  

      To the left you can see items from a local honey bee farm. Honey was a pioneer’s way of satisfying a sweet tooth as the cost of sugar was not affordable to all.  

     Down the south wall there are several tools and equipment for farming in the early days, including peddle powered wood lath, restored by Bud Reynolds. The many wood saws used in Rimbeys early logging days are just above the grinding stone on the far west wall.  

     On the back high on a shelf are several lanterns the early pioneers made good use out of and behind the lanterns are one of the first signs for the town. Below is an array of older stoves and other kitchen items. The large stove, with a metal shroud around it, came from the Crystal Springs School.  

    The Drader’s donated the old time buck board wagon which they use to pull with goats. They went to many of the local parades. The Drader’s were also responsible for furnishing Rimbey with its first form of power. Visit our Tractor Museum to see the steam powered tractor used by the Drader’s for Rimbeys power plant.  


    On the next platform you can see several cream separators, butter kneaders and churns. A history of the first creamery in Rimbey can be read about, as well as some fun facts about butter.


     Around the corner is our sewing machine display with several Singer sewing machines and a history of the invention of the sewing machine. The wall behind the sewing machines was built by volunteers and has 3 stained glass windows which were preserved from some of Rimbeys first homes.  

     Along the north wall there are several televisions as well as radios, some of the same that the Barberree family sold at their small business in town. 


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