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#8 A100 SERIAL NO. 2515C
The A series started in 1957 and went to 1959. This model was their Golden Jubilee model. This truck, a 1958 model, was also used in the motion picture "Isaac Littlefeathers", and was also driven by Lou Jacoby. Little of its early history is known. Ken bought it from Clarence Eklund in 1981 and restored in 1984. This truck is actually made up from portions of two, known as "the pink" and "the blue". Little is known about "the pink" other than it was the colour of the truck. "The pink" supplied parts to restore "the blue". "The blue" had been owned new by Jim Merriman, who lived east of Eckville, Alberta. Ron Palm had acquired it, but always had trouble getting it to run. Merriman had rolled it while he was transporting a lawnmower in the cab. While trying to control the lawnmower, he lost control of the truck.



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