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#1 C-1 SERIAL NO. C12488M
The C-1 series started in 1934 and went to 1937. This truck was purchased new by Emil Hjelmeseth in 1935. He was one of the early pioneer Hjelmesetch Brothers of Hoadley. Emil that year won half of a $10,000 Irish Sweepstakes ticket. In addition to the truck, he bought a new case tractor and threshing machine with his winnings, and built a new house. Emil took extremely good care of his machinery, including the truck. Charlie Plank remembers that Emil volunteered his time and the use of his truck to haul sand for a tennis court being built at the time in Hoadley. He warned Charlie to be very careful with his shovel, as he did not want the paint scratched. He eventually traded the truck in on a 1942 Packard car.The truck may have had a charmed life, for it became the property of Bill Cripps of Bentley, who, in the last years that he drove it, had failing eyesight. He was in the habit of attending the Red Deer Auction Market when it was situated beside Gaetz Avenue on the north hill. Coming and going, he would drive slowly down the highway, taking care to stay well away from the edge of the pavement. He trusted other drivers to avoid him, and his trust was never misplaced. Yet Clarence Eklund has said of him, "Bill Cripps had more misfortune in his life than any man should have." For once, it seems, he beat the odds. The vehicle came up for auction at Cripp's estate sale and was bought by a man named Helge Tranberg. Tranberg reconditioned the motor in Davis Bros. Garage in Rimbey in the early sixties. Ken bought the fifty year old vehicle in 1984 and restored it in 1985. It was used after restoration in a television commercial for the 636 lottery.



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